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About the apartment

Its majestic and ornate red sandstone exterior gives you a hint of the splendor that awaits inside. And it's an interior that's effortlessly modern and beautifully presented, designed to suit contemporary tastes.

This is a bright, multi-purpose space with comfortable seating to relax on, a dining table to gather around for snacks and meals, and a thoroughly modern kitchen brimming with high-specification appliances and quality countertops.

The property boasts 3 large bedrooms, which have been designed to assist you in feeling at home whilst visiting Glasgow. The finest of linen has been chosen,  with thick carpets to help create a relaxing and comfortable space.

The south-facing sitting room of the property receives the first sunlight in the morning, leading through to the archway turret room, which is a great workspace if needed.

Glasgow St Georges Mansion 3 bedroom luxury west end city centre apartment
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