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Nice places to eat in Glasgow



Singl-end is the breakfast OG….. and I won't hear anyone say otherwise! Of course there are many a great brunch spot to be found in the city, but Singlend will forever have a special spot in my heart and its just on the doorstep of 69 St Georges Mansions, so check it out.

Vibes: Singl-end is a hidden treasure, located just behind Sauchiehall Street on Renfrew Street it is extremely easy to miss, and if you didn’t know it was there you would never in a million years stumble upon it by accident. However, once you enter this basement coffee-shop-come-brunch-hotspot it’s hard not to be immediately enchanted by the large boho style space. I just love the cool relaxed funky vibe here. It’s a little slice of chilled out heaven on a Sunday morning and on many occasions I have lost 3-4 hours just hanging out and chatting with friends.

Side note: one of my favourite things about a trip to Singl-end was their huge cake table which was groaning under the weight of a ton of delicious made in house cakes, and while the cakes are still as delicious I do miss the cake table which covid has put an end to. Who knows maybe one day it will return, but I fear it may be gone for good.

Eats: Over the years I think I have tried every single dish on this menu, and for the most part they are all cracking….brunch...eggs….cracking….eggs….get it!!! But absolutely nothing is better than their legendary Baked Eggs. It’s a forever favourite of mine, and has been for years.

It comes in both Meat and veggie versions, and while up until recently I used to be a dedicated meaty baked eggs kind of girl I couldn’t resist giving the veggie baked eggs a go on my latest visit because it had butternut squash and spinach in it which are two of my favourite foods. And of course there was a side order of halloumi, because we all know that halloumi makes everything better.

What’s it gonna cost you? So Singl-end isn’t cheap, don’t get me wrong it’s not going to blow your mind it’s so expensive either. For the baked eggs and a side of halloumi I think I was £15. What I would say though is that the standard of the food is excellent, the ingredients are top quality, and the portions are so big that it’s hard to find fault with the cost. I split the bill with a friend and for 2 coffees, a brunch dish, a side, a bottle of water and a cake I was £30...and this was so much food that it was all I ate that day.


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